Master Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an Airport Master Plan?
The Airport Master Plan is the short and long term development concept for the airport.  It is the local airport planning document to be used as guidance in planning for airport facility needs over a 20-year time period.

Why is the Santa Maria Public Airport District completing a Master Plan Update?
The FAA recommends that public use airports such as Santa Maria Public Airport update their Master Plan every 7-10 years or as local aviation conditions change, necessitating a revised plan.  The previous Master Plan was completed in 2008 with a base forecast year of 2005.  The Santa Maria Public Airport District initiated the Master Plan update to ensure the airport continues to be operated in a safe and efficient manner and to address any changes in the aviation industry both locally and nationally.

Who is preparing the Master Plan Update?
The team of Tartaglia Engineering and Coffman Associates was selected as the airport consultants following a qualifications-based selection process.  Tartaglie Engineering has been the airport engineer of record for a number of years and Coffman Associates is a national aviation consulting firm specializing in airport planning studies.  Coffman Associates will be taking the lead on the Master Plan project as a sub-consultant to Tartaglia Engineering.

Who is funding the Master Plan Update?
The FAA provides 90 percent of the project funding, with the remaining 10 percent coming from the Santa Maria Public Airport District.  The FAA funding is sourced from the Aviation Trust Fund, which is funded exclusively by various aviation user fees, including taxes on airline tickets, aviation fuel, and some aircraft parts.

What are the components of the Master Plan Update?
•    Existing Airport Inventory
•    Aviation Activity Forecasts (to be approved by the FAA)
•    Facility Requirements
•    Development Alternatives
•    Recommended Master Plan Concept
•    Financial Plan
•    Land Use Compatibility Analysis
•    Airport Layout Plan (to be approved by the FAA)

What is the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)?
The PAC consists of local community leaders and stakeholders.  The PAC will provide guidance and feedback on draft Master Plan documents.  PAC meetings take place at key milestones in the planning process.

How can I get involved and stay informed?
All pertinent project materials, including draft submissions, are posted to a dedicated project website: www.santamaria.airportstudy.com.  Public comments can be submitted on the project web site.  In addition, this project calls for up to two public information workshops which will be held during the Master Plan development process.  The public information workshop will be advertised locally and on this project website.